4-weeks, each meeting is 60 minutes.

Group Pricing: $250/person (minimum 8 participants, maximum 16 participants); includes course materials plus journal.

What good is gratitude?

Gratitude is like the creative process – it has the ability to change you. It gets you to tune into what you love, to what inspires you, to shift your thoughts and perceptions, to befriend and embrace life … regardless of what you are going through. A gratitude practice defuses anxiety and doubt and builds a healthy environment in which to flourish. Clinical studies show that grateful people achieve more, have positive relationships and emotional well-being overall.

Offered live via ZOOM or in person, this course offers an in-depth look at gratitude, grace and compassion and the benefits of these in life and leadership.

Recommended group size is 8-12 people; $250 per person, includes course materials + journal.

To begin the registration process, please email Patricia at [email protected]